ELESCO works closely with two major manufacturers and can assist you in ordering an inverter suitable to your specific needs. We take into consideration any existing systems capabilities, current and future lighting load calculations, types of lighting loads (i.e. Incandescent, HID, Fluorescent, LED, etc.), space limitations, input and output requirements and so on. We are capable of taking you through the entire life-cycle of your purchase; from planning, to installation, and through maintenance.

ELESCO stocks batteries for all major manufacturers of Lighting Inverters. The UL listing of an inverter includes a specification for the battery that is installed in it, so it is important to replace your batteries with an authorized battery. Through our close relationships with manufacturers ELESCO is capable of acquiring Factory Specified batteries that meet this requirement. By using a Factory Specified battery you will avoid violating the UL listing and potentially voiding any warranty on your system.